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Snapshot 1999-2004


When European leaders endorsed the EU drug strategy (2000–2004) they committed themselves to six targets addressing the drug phenomenon. To help policy-makers shed light on the progress of these goals, the EMCDDA, in collaboration with Europol, drew up a ‘snapshot’ of the drug situation and policy measures at the strategy's outset and close.

The first snapshot or ‘baseline’ provided Member States with an overview of the drug situation in 1999 while the second gives the picture at the close of the plan in 2004. These overviews are designed to trace trends between the two study points, in line with the set targets. Together they help answer questions such as: Has prevalence of drug use among young people increased? Has there been a rise in drug seizures? Has there been an improvement in the availability of treatment?

The snapshot website offers data on the drug situation by country as well as downloadable reports and thematic papers. The information offered provides a sound basis on which to define needs and priorities regarding future drug strategies at national and European level.

EU action plan targets
Six targets

The targets are as follows:

Target 1: to reduce significantly over five years the prevalence of drug use, as well as new recruitment to it, particularly among young users under 18 years of age

Target 2:  to reduce substantially over five years the incidence of drug-related health damage (HIV, hepatitis, TBC etc.) and the number of drug-related deaths

Target 3: to increase substantially the number of successfully treated addicts

Target 4: to reduce substantially over five years the availability of illicit drugs

Target 5: to reduce substantially over five years the number of drug-related crimes

Target 6: to reduce substantially over five years money-laundering and the illicit trafficking of precursors

Communication from the Commission

 ‘Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on the results of the final evaluation of the EU drugs strategy and action plan on drugs (2000–2004)’ available at

Snapshot publications
Thematic papers
In addition to the Snapshot report, the EMCDDA has produced 10 thematic papers: 

Strategies and action plans; Coordination mechanisms in Member States; Public expenditure in Member States; Evolution of the EU budget lines; Legislative activity in Member States; Drug using offenders; Legal responses to new synthetic drugs; Drug law and young people; Provision on drugs in the external agreements; Main lessons from investigation of evaluation in the drug policy field in the European Union.

News release and fact sheet
News release
Evaluation of the EU strategy and action plan on drugs (2000–2004)

‘Snapshots’ shed light on EU targets

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Fact sheet
Evaluation of the EU strategy and action plan on drugs (2000–2004) 

Drugs agency releases 10 thematic papers

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